vendredi, juin 04, 2010

Para recordar..Liao Yiwu

Hoy es el vigésimo primero anirversario de la masacre de Tiananmen y el International litterature de Berlín, organiza una lectura mundial que nos lo recuerda con textos del escritor chino  Liao Yiwu. Sus textos serán leídos en todo el mundo en emisiones de radio, teatros, escenarios públicos, como una forma de apoyar a este escritor disidente que se ha mantenido incólume frente al regimen chino. Cientos de escritores han apoyado estas petición, entre ellos J.M Coetzee, Javier Marías, Judith Butler, Noam Chomsky, entre otros autores...
El texto en inglés dice lo siguiente:
We are extremely grateful for the support shown, and hope that each single reading will be able to draw the attention both on the work and on the situation this major poet, musician and prose writer is forced into - unable to publish his works, prevented from leaving the country, living under the Chinese authorities' constant threat and control.

Today, on the 21st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, Liao Yiwu is in his home in Chengdu, unable to have any contact with the outside world: his apartment, the only one in the whole building, is left without electricity; the only way to communicate with him is through his wife's cell-phone, but friends prefer not to, on this delicate day - Liao Yiwu will stay at home, even leaving his apartment to go to an internet café wouldn't be a good idea. Last year's pattern, as he described it in "A writer's nineteen days", seems to be repeating itself once again:

Postscript: June 4, 2009

The police had started to remind me of the anniversary in May. They came to see me frequently, telling me to be “low-key” and not to do anything subversive. On the afternoon of June 1, public security officers invited me to their office and interrogated me. They had heard that I had written an article called “Nineteen Days.” They wanted to know what my motives were.

But this year, at least, others will give voice to his writings and we, at the international literature festival berlin, are extremely glad about it.

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